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ListarArtículos científicos por tema "Electroencephalography"

ListarArtículos científicos por tema "Electroencephalography"

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  • Alvarado-Díaz, Witman; Meneses Claudio, Brian; Roman Gonzalez, Avid (Science and Information Organization, 2019)
    Currently in Peru, patients with degenerative diseases, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have lost of communication ability. Many researchers' papers that establish basic communication system for these patients. ...
  • Meneses Claudio, Brian; Alvarado Díaz, Witman; Roman Gonzalez, Avid (Science and Information Organization, 2018)
    Currently, the study of brain waves has shown a type of alternative communication, in addition to the different applications that can be made with the brain waves obtained from each individual. The OpenBCI is an open source ...



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