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ListarArtículos científicos por tema "Arduino"

ListarArtículos científicos por tema "Arduino"

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  • Criollo Sánchez, Elvis Fredy; Rodriguez Villarreal, Kevin Jairol; Mosquera Sanchez, Rony Cristian; Medina Alvarez, Marcos Daniel; Chavarry-Polanco, Danny; Alvarado-Díaz, Witman; Meneses-Claudio, Brian; Roman-Gonzalez, Avid (GB, 2018)
    Currently, having a sonar of echolocation in an electronic lab is complicated due to the high cost of its implementation, which is why it is proposed that the implementation of a basic sonar, using agile technologies such ...
  • Vasquez Cunia, Manuel Jesus; Hinostroza Quiñonez, Juan (Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades, 2020)
    One of the severe neurological disorders that affectsthe central nervous system is Parkinson’s disease, which causesthat patients can not perform routine tasks such as eating andwriting. According to statistical data, there ...



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